The greatest advantage that you have in winning friends, propelling your career or business, and succeeding at anything you want in your life is recognizing that you’re a uniquely special person.

There is value in being you.  The goal is for you to discover it and extend your value to the world.

This mindset principle will give an accelerated advantage once you recognize your value and own it.

USP means Unique Special Person, also known to many as Unique Selling Position.  USP is knowing your value and how you differ from others in the universe.

My friends jokingly tell me, “Girl you are special.”  Figuratively speaking I am crazy, different, out of this world psycho, and I should probably take something to cure this issue soon.

One thing for certain I can own my crazy and I am special.

There have been countless times within my life where I seriously tried to conform to what most consider the norm.  Honestly, I can’t recall a time when I fit in with the crowd or mold of uniformity.  I took swimming lessons in the 4th grade at the YMCA and of course I had the coolest hairstyle ever the “Wave Nuvo”  and my mother made me wear a swim cap to protect my curl.  I can’t claim that was my idea, but it sure was an indicator that I was fly.  Now curly hair is the new norm.

Millions of women are paying to get their lips injected with chemicals to make them more beautiful.  I spent the majority of my childhood being ridiculed for having big lips.  It wasn’t until I realized in middle school my lips weren’t “soup coolers” and although my exploratory band teacher advised I play the saxophone instead of the flute I knew my lips were beautiful. It wasn’t easy but I had to discover early on how to maneuver past these negative comments and be confident in my unique beauty.

Do you recall the story of the Little Red Riding Hood?  Little Red Riding Hood kept reminding the wolf that everything about him was big.  I turned into the big bad wolf at school.  One day in band class this little boy reminded me that I had big lips, I leaned in real close to him and said, “The better to kiss you with my darling.”  You best believe he never said anything else to me.  I believe that was the day I stood up for my uniqueness.

What was wrong with me? I have asked myself this question on numerous occasions from childhood to adulthood.

This post isn’t a therapy session to cure childhood bullying.  I am certain, there are a lot of kids and adults who need to be healed from the scars of believing uniqueness is a curse.

Once you discover that your uniqueness is the transporter of your power you will care less what others believe about you and more about how you see yourself.

It’s Your Advantage

Your unique has a way of making things happen.  When you know what value you offer to others, you begin to create freedom for yourself.  This advantage will create doors of opportunity.  It requires a change in your mindset. As a result, the universe will deliver your goals, money, and happiness at a greater speed.

Your unique is an investment in discovering the authentic core of your being.  The truth is you will never master yourself because you are always evolving.  Unlocking your unique is the key to greater purpose, self, and connectivity to the world.   It requires constant self-analysis, truth, and testing. The advantage to unlocking your unique is the key to a much greater purpose, self, and connectivity to the world.  The question to ask yourself,  What is my unique and how will it make the world a better place?

Allow the journey to begin….

Become a Trailblazer

I have been a trailblazer all my life.  If it is to be tried and tested believe me I did it.  For the past nine years, I have taken the road less traveled to live a purpose driven life.  The mold of a 9-5 just didn’t fit my being.  So I set off on this journey of entrepreneurship, self-discovery, and walking by faith.  It really does take a unique person to forfeit a bi-weekly check to be who they were born to be.  I am a true believer that your gifts/talents will make room for you.  I landed $60,000 dollars in scholarships/grants while in college, went from a girl with a big mouth to landing lucrative speaking engagements, and accelerated my goals by developing a business network.  None of this was possible because I followed the path most take; it happened because I traveled the road most won’t.

Stop Comparing Your Unique

When I first started my speaking journey with a platform by the name of “BE. A.- U (be enthused about you)” pronounced in Be A You. No one could tell me that wasn’t my platform.  It was as though God himself came down to tell me to preach the gospel of Be You.

As a trailblazer, you don’t have a guide, a roadmap, or anything you are the leader.  It’s trial and error. In the early 90’s Facebook, Instagram, nor Twitter exist.  To me this was the greatest time of my life, I had nothing to compare myself against, I simply took action.

Stop Sabotaging Your Unique

Did Mary Mary just publish a book called, “Be You?”  Did Dove create a campaign for young girls called “Be You?”  Is that life coach or speaker talking about Be You? The Internet became my worse enemy.  I become distracted by the Internet looking to see who was doing what.  The comparison and self-criticism resulted in me slowing my pace and believing that my concept was not valuable.   After spending countless hours scrolling the pages of others; my vision halted and my confidence plateaued.

Your Unique Won’t Go Away

I made a huge mistake five years ago to not speak to the Be-A-U platform. The world didn’t need to hear from me they had Dove commercials, retailers, and famous people marketing “Be You” on a much larger scale.  I didn’t use this a confirmation that I was on the right track, but instead I self-sabotaged my uniqueness. It was my unique flair that made me different and no other person would be able to present “my unique” like I could.  To this day my friends and the workshop participates remind me of Be-A-U and how it impacted them.  It’s funny how nine years later I meet Be-A-U again.

Your gift/talent, platform, and life story comes from an authentic place within you. -Sunny

You are not flawless – Be honest!!

Face it!  We all have flaws and we are not perfect.  Yet we try to hide our imperfections.  Grow from your experiences and move on.  There is no need to hide behind your flaw.  Don’t feel embarrassed or insecure about any aspect of who you are.  No matter if you are physically or emotionally different then you must transfer your so-called flaws into individualistic style!

Be Original Everyone else is taken…

Be willing to be the first and stand out in a crowd or be willing to be the last.  You may walk with a limp, dance off beat, speak loud, have a beautiful smile, create beautiful artwork, or simply do things differently; that is perfectly okay.

Believe In You!

You are designed with as an original recipe. That means that no other person can be you!  The secret to an original recipe is that no one knows the recipe like you do. That means you are unique in your own way. You must go into the world as your true self.

Take Action:

Create Your Unique Advantage by answering these questions.  Let’s discuss by scheduling your initial strategy session.  

Step 1:  Focus on Your Dream

  • What are your dreams?  
  • What do you believe is your purpose?
  • How will it better the universe?
  • Who will it help?
  • What problem will it solve?
  • What makes you not sleep at night?
  • Why do you want to do it?  

Step 2:  Stay true to your Identity

  • Trust your heart 
  • Trust your intuition
  • Be who you were born to be
  • What can you offer that only you can do

Step 3:  Determine Your Worth

  • What are your non-negotiables
  • Know your strengths
  • What are your beliefs and values
  • What lies about yourself do you need to rid

Originality is expressing oneself and a fresh new original independent and individual manner the state of being authentic. -Sunny

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