Your vision could manifest faster if only you could meet the right person…

Allow me to share a quick story of how I discovered that people want you to succeed just as much as you.

The only catch is you have to connect with the right people, do what you say you are going to do, and be ready.

#1 Know what you have to offer

In 2011, I self-published my first book, Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College.

Prior to self-publishing, I carried my book manuscript everywhere I went.

I wasn’t trying to shove my book down everyone’s throat.  I simply wanted to be at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

The biggest obstacle I faced was marketing and the cost of publishing.

A local interior designer within my network was showcasing a renovated mountain house three hours away from Charlotte, NC and invited my family as her guest.

Of course, I said yes.

Food, travel, and people. I wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up.

We loaded the car:  Baby bag, check! Camera,check! and let’s not forget my book manuscript.

Take Action:  Write down your business services and offerings, along with three benefits that will add value to potential clients.  

#2 You Gotta be at the right place at the right time with the right people

I had no clue who would be there but being prepared and ready for the right connection was all I knew.    I have said time and time again you never know who you will meet and how your meeting could change your life forever.  So with high expectations, I set off to the mountains.

Take Action:  Be strategic when planning your next networking event or connection opportunity.

I believe there is a connection in every meeting.

#3  Don’t Make a Pre-judgement

Are you kidding me … These little well-kept women from the local neighborhood hadn’t been to college in well over 30+years.

I figured these ladies simply were there to be nosey and to eat.   I had already decided that there was no connection to be made at this event.

After loss hope, the front door opened and in walked a tall slender white male with a humble smile.  At that moment I knew this person was my divine appointment.   I slid through the bodies of conversation that were in pockets throughout the living space.

As he turned his back to walk out, I screamed his name, John.

Take Action:  Write down the last time you pre-judged someone because they didn’t look, act, or think like you?   Then estimate the cost of lost opportunity.  

Example:  The matured crowd of people at the event had grand-children, nieces, nephews, friends, family, and co-workers within their network.  I pre-judged the situation I lost out on $15/per book.  I am certain as I look back, there were probably at least 15 pre-orders right in front of me.    

#4 Make the Connection

We stood there and talked for an hour.  It was like I knew him and he knew me.  He looked over my book manuscript.

We finished the conversation that felt like a lifetime of friendship.  John said, “Shauntae if there is anything I can do for you I am only a call away.”

Take Action:  Find something you have in common with the person you are connecting with.  I challenge you to begin to ask discovery questions to find out more about them and connect to their story.  

Example:  John cared more about me as a person than my book.  We connected on a more personable level at the heart.  For that moment in time, we became transparent about our hopes and dreams.  I learned about his wishes and disappointments within his career and life.

There must be substance in the conversation.

#5 Follow-up & Follow-Through

It wasn’t enough that I met John on that weekend.  The most important part the connection was the follow-through.  John requested we stay connected through email and weekly updates of my progress of self-publishing.

Within less than three months my book designed, edited, laid out, and ready to be printed.  I called John with excitement, the book was completed.  What I didn’t know is that John was observing my follow-thru and commitment to my vision.

Many people want to see us do well and they want to support us.  John was checking to see if I was trustworthy and sticking to my word.  The weekly updates held me accountable.  In return, John sponsored the first printof my book, Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College.  

Take Action:  Develop a system of follow-up with the persons you meet. Create an e-mail that shows you were ecstatic about meeting them, that you would love to stay in contact, and remind them of something that really resonated with you in the conversation. 

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