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You hear it preached all time, “God wants you to be blessed.”

And yet, millions of “good Christians” continue to struggle.

Everything looks great on the outside… but secretly, most are two paychecks from the poor house, and one conversation from divorce court.

My name is Sunny Jordan.

Growing up, my mama taught me to be a good Christian: go to church, pay your tithes, and always try to treat people right…

But nothing I learned prepared me for “Monday…”

Welcome to a “Bad Ass World”

I don’t need to tell you all the hell you catch trying to live like a Christian in the world today.

You get a good education, you do the best work you can, and the lying, cheating, weed-smoker in the next cubicle get’s the promotion!

I’m no goodie two shoes, but when you’re trying to keep your witness, and you keep getting smacked in the face, it’s frustrating.

So what would Jesus really do?

Introducing “The Good Christian’s Guide to
Success In A Bad Ass World” Teleseminar

I know the title will probably turn a few people off, but if it gets you’re attention, you’re going to love this.

It’s all about how good Christians can live on purpose, make more money and make a true difference in a bad ass world without compromising their faith.


  • 7 steps to “sanctified success” in a bad ass world;
  • redefining what it means to be “Christian” in 2013;
  • 3 success skills you must develop to maximize 2013 and beyond;
  • how to overcome religion and regain your righteous mind;
  • the secret of mentorship, and how to pick the right coach;
  • practical business and marketing tips to turn your passion into a profitable business,
  • how to be Pro-Money, Professional and Pro-Christian in the marketplace;
  • how to deal with the haters and half-hearted who say “it doesn’t take all that”;
  • how to stay grounded as you become more successful, and more.

Date: 2/7/2013

Time: 8:30 pm EST.

More than a teleseminar, this is the beginning of a movement.

Listen, I think it’s time to be gorgeous, beautiful, successful and unapologetically Christian.

If you’re with me, sign up for this special teleseminar.  I’ll kept your details private, and send you the call-in number and free follow-up videos to motivate and inspire:

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